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Steam Train Maury

This is a limited edition, signed print from the original watercolor painted by Partridge in honor of the late King of the Hobos, Maury Graham. The print is still available, priced at $50. It can be matted and framed to bring out the jewel tones, pales off whites and even dark grays and black.

Carousel Afternoon

This series of black line drawings were created as a fund raiser for the Dentzel Carousel. As resident artist, Teri  has some of the prints at the Pear Tree Gallery. Print #1 is sold out but there are still a few of #2, #3 and  #4. These 8 x 10 images are available for only $10 and make great souvenirs of your visit to Cass County.

Family Arts Festival Poster

Bright colors and animated characters bring a smile to your face when you view the activity depicted in  this 20 x 12 inch Festival Poster, signed by Partridge, adding to the value of this limited printing,  only $10.

Winter Ride Poster

The original characters from Teri's children's book are available in the colorful 20 x 9 inch poster, signed by the artist and available for only $10.  This item compliments the holiday childrens' book, Winter Ride, available for $20.

Snowman, $10
Mr. Snowman rides the Indian Head Pony on his Winter Ride.

Snowman / Winter Ride

This 5 x 7 print of Mr.Snowman on the Indian Head Pony is a collectors treasure for only $10.  Sought after by both snowmen collectors and carousel fans, it fits in ready made frames but can be dressed up with custom framing.

Clothing Museum

 Cole's Clothing Museum is housed in this three story beauty on one of the main streets in Logansport, IN.

This 5 x 7 print (only $10) of the original watercolor by Partridge can bring back the memories of your visit to the museum or spark images of times gone by.

Carriage Barn

This 5 x 7 print (only $10) is taken from the original watercolor by Partridge of the Carriage Barn across from the Cass County Post Office. This carriage barn was originally considered  for the home of the Pear Tree Gallery, Teri researched the building for this quaint, architectural watercolor.

Suspender Santa, $10
Santa relaxes by the holiday tree.

Suspender Santa

Here is an image for all the Santa collectors out there, Santa in his casual attire by the Holiday tree. Attention to detail helped Partridge fill this 5 x 7 print ( only $10) with interesting and nostalgic items.

Carousel Afternoon, Color Print ,$35
New in 2007

Carousel Afternoon, Colorful Watercolor Print, New in 2007

This print is full of color and shows the fun of an afternoon at the Cass County Dentzel Carousel. The animals depicted here are found on this historical carousel. For only $35, this 12 x 9 print is available for your collection.

Shopping Snowpeople, $15
2006 Image, limited printing from watercolor

Snow People

Every winter, Partridge has fun creating an original snow scene with active Snow People. This image is recreated in a medium size print and sold for $20. Because they are collectors items,  many of the images have sold out. Check back here or stop by the Pear Tree Gallery to see the latest images each November.

My Favorite Sports, $35
Personalized Print, make it fit your favorite sport and team!

My Favorite Sports Series

   The MFS series started with a pile of football related items borrowed from a neighborhood friend. The painting turned out to be very pleasing and before the personalization was complete, it was decided to make prints of the basics to personalize for future clients as well. Following this first idea, came soccer, golf, volleyball, baseball, swimming and a collection of items called "All Sports".  Most recently, Teri has pushed the envelope to include crafts and sewing in the My Favorite Sport series.

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